Hey Brain!

Yeah, I’m talking to you.
No more glue-sniffing or whatever the fuck you’re doing when I am not looking.
Seriously. I dreamed about the goombahs from Jersey Shore repelling a zombie/alien attack all night. I don’t even watch the friggin’ show.
NO more of that, alright?

~The Mgmt

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Alright Brain Trust

Where does one find pre-assembled picket signs? The kind you write GARAGE SALE on and then pound into the ground?

Also, if you need women’s clothes in almost any damn size, or a winter coat… I am having a giant garage sale this Saturday.

All proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for research in eradicating breast cancer.
All leftover clothings are being donated to Venus Envy for use in their Safe Place benefit.

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A du jour post in bullet point

Because I apparently have the Hemmingways this morning.

Children are nasty. Water is wet. Air is invisible.

Not nearly enough sleep last night. My own fault as I Marpled until almost 1.30 AM.

I realized that I am five classes away from program completion. US History II. Spanish II. Speech III. US Government. World Lit. That’s it. In theory, I could be done with this bit in a semester or two.

I *really* should call the oral surgeon. :/ Infection will come back if I don’t get the root problem taken care of.

….Root problem! hahahahahaha!
I slay me.

Just remembered that I have a leftover carne guisada enchilada. Sounds like breakfast to me.

There is going to be a garage sale an EPIC garage sale at my house on the 26th. Everything is sorted and ready to go because I am awesome like that. I have beelyuns and beelyuns of clothings to sell. Whatever I don’t sell, I will be donating to Safe Place.

PLEH. I have to read “Death of a Salesman”, “Oedipus the King” and a slew of poetry this week. I really hate most poetry. I grok why some people love it. It just isn’t my thing.

I have almost talked Mister Man into a pool. It would have to wait until after he graduates, of course. But, still. Pool. POOOOOOL.

That is all I have the bandwidth to recall. Must go shower and get day started. Yay, studying for History exam!

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