Tomorrow is Summer’s eye surgery. The center is going to call me at some point today to let me know the exact time – although we do know it will most likely be in the afternoon. 
She is acting out – just a bit – as she is nervous about the procedure. Hell, I am acting out just a bit as I am nervous about the procedure. General anesthesia for your eleven year old kid is not a joke. So many things could go wrong. The likelihood is extremely high that they won’t, of course. I am told that this a standard surgery; it is done all the time. 
But still. 
That is my Girlie that you are going to render unconscious with chemicals through a vein in her arm. So, don’t fuck it up. 
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  1. YIKES! having been put under a couple times, yeah that’s some scary shit?

    May I ask what the surgery is meant to correct? I have a weird/morbid fascination with eye surgeries – I don’t care if you stick or cut up anything below my neck, but somehow anything involving my eyes, teeth, or anything else in my head just wigs me out.

    1. It is to correct strabismus in both of her eyes. She has extropia in both eyes and a slight hypertropia in her right.

      They are thinking that the surgery will also help relieve some of her vision problems, as well. The strain on her eye muscles trying to correct might be part of her problem. She just wants the kids at her middle school to stop calling her “Google Eye”.

      1. a) great (and appropriate) icon

        b) ouch, kids are so mean! Tell her next time kids call her that to respond with “yeah? bet your eye can’t web search!”

        (yes I know that won’t actually help, but it was the first thing I thought of when i read that.)

      2. ~snicker~ I will let her know. 🙂

        When she told me about it, I was all “…so, WHO – you can just point him out, dear – calls you names? Hmmm?” She wouldn’t tell me.

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