Amuse me, minions

My Lit Prof assigned for our drama material:

Death of a Salesman
Oedipus the King
The Dollhouse

Any one of these are enough to make a clown* commit messy suicide. All three?  Good GAWD. 

Please, for the love of Bon — send me amusing stuffs. I need some levity, dammit. 

* – yeah, so no necessarily a bad thing. But still.  This entry was originally posted at can comment there using OpenID or by getting your own account.

3 thoughts on “Amuse me, minions

  1. Gil’s All-Fright Diner by A. Lee Martinez. Blue-color Vampire and Werewolf fight horrible tentacled beasties in West Texas. Entertaining.

    1. Also, any other Martinez? I have A Nameless Witch, Monster and The Automatic Detective, any of which could be lent, if getting books transported weren’t too big a deal….

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