In Which I Ask for Schedule-y Things I May Have Missed


One more history exam to go. Then I have to work on the revision of the short stories I wrote this semester; after which I bind them into a small (didn’t these used to be called "chapbooks"?) portfolio for my final project in Creative Writing. 
That’s it for the spring semester. Holy crap, almost done.
Then I get A.Whole.Week off.  EPIC Vacation is less-than-EPIC.  :/  Ah, well. 
With that in mind, I am attemping to collate my damn brain into something approaching order. This is my quasi-usual plea for brain help. Am I supposed to be at *your* event soon? Did I say I’d be there?  Do I have it on my calendar? Right now, if it doesn’t exist on my calendar, it does not exist at all
Let me know. 🙂   And, thank you. 

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4 thoughts on “In Which I Ask for Schedule-y Things I May Have Missed

    1. That time between work and classes that I get to sleep in.
      Hm. Wait, not I don’t. The Girl still has classes, so up at gawdawful I shall continue to be.

      Le Sigh. 🙂

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