On the one hand…

On the one hand, I am *not* going to get published in Nature:Futures. On the other hand – whoa, is their turn around time QUICK! Plus, the editor said some very nice things. One of the nice things he said was:

“I enjoyed it (yes, I read it all the way through to the end)…”

According to him, they cannot consider it as it is more than twice the length of their acceptable submission length – the story is 2800+ words long – their limit is 950 words. I discovered their guidelines about five minutes after shooting my tale their way. Ah, well.

The good news is that I can now submit the story to other shops and not be doing any naughty simultaneous submissions. Guess what I am going to spend the afternoon doing?

As old Stan Lee might’ve (once or twice) said: “Stay tuned, true believers!” You all will be the first to know that I am published.
After me.
Oh, and of course, Mister Man. And the Girl. Possibly my mom.

OK. You’ll be the fourth to know. Which is still on the same hand as first, so it totally counts!

2 thoughts on “On the one hand…

  1. So if they liked the long story that would seem to indicate that you must send them smaller ones soonish while they still recognize your name and like you.

    *waiting to read published stuff in published bits*


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