effed up dreams, yo.

Between my readings for class, seeing my daughter’s anime out of the corner of my eye whilst domesticating about the house and the crazy hidden object game I played to settle down before bed… my dreams were smack dab in the “lock her up” category.
Fragments that I recall:
Shoggoths infecting chickens with diseases that rotted them. Chickens who I loved like children. Heading out with a person (who I am not fond of IRL) to rescue my babies. Warning people not to touch the chickens when they were dancing as the infection – which caused molting, mange and a stinky, brown crust – would ruin their clothes. A road trip with the chickens to take them to a place of safety where they could have all the snakes they wanted to eat. 

The dream was so vivid and active that I got about a minute of sleep last night. Today is gonna be a four carafe day, I just know it.

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