Tuesday Fiction: “Out On a Limb”

After, people said that it “would get better.”  Or that I “would learn to adjust.” My personal favorite was the one along the lines of my gaining “extra senses to compensate.”  I got a great many platitudes those first few weeks. Email after text message after card all boiled down to the same thing: I would survive. I would be stronger for this. I would overcome.

I noticed that none of these uplifting messages came in person. I got a great many cards and flowers. There were balloon-a-grams, cookie plates and fruit baskets, sure –  by the dozens. But, no one came into my hospital room to hold my remaining hand, look me in the eye and say that they cared about me. That I wasn’t a freak whose bad luck could rub off on them.

One thought on “Tuesday Fiction: “Out On a Limb”

  1. Because somewhere deep inside their primal brain, they believed that’s exactly what would happen. They feared that by associating with me and my physical weirdness, they might “catch” FREAK like a virus. And that it would spread to their children. And that they wouldn’t “adjust”, or that it wouldn’t “get better.” The smell of over-ripe fruit and chocolate chips begin to smell a lot like fear to me.

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