(late, apologies!) Tuesday Fiction: Characters With a Past – “Heather”


            She’d had been better days before this, she thought. She remembered running across a soccer field, laughing like a loon. The wind pulled her red curls, yanking them from under her favorite sweatband. She was the one who kicked the winning point right over the goalie’s head. How the crowd had roared! After, there had been pizza in the food court with a gaggle of girlfriends. She recalled flirting with the cute boy behind the counter. She’d felt so powerful when he’d stuttered and forgotten to charge her for her Coke. Drunk on that, she had kissed her boyfriend, Sean the first time that evening. That had been such a sweet kiss. It had smelled of Noxzema and pepperoni and strawberry lip-gloss. That very night he had given her the first hit of ecstasy. She’d been afraid but he’d said that it didn’t really count as drugs if you weren’t injecting or snorting it. It was just a little pill; a tab about the size of her littlest pinkie nail.

She stared at the intent face above her. He was grimacing. Good; that meant he was about to finish. She could feel the satiny edge of the high slipping from her. Colors washed out of existence with each grunt he made. She was so sick of this; and she desperately wanted another hit. It was right there on the nightstand, next to her Mom’s stack of self help books. She could have it as soon as he stopped grinding and groaning. The thought of the sweet rush of euphoria pulled at her. Everything was better when she had a little roll. X smoothed off the rough edges. Everything was pretty and bright and fun.  She even remembered that she loved him with a pill or three on board.

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