Snark (now bulleted for her pleasure!)

Long, long day.  I meant to write up a regular post this morning, but I woke up late and had to scramble out the door. Please accept a smattering of snark instead.


~*~ Nothing says “glamorous” quite like leaving sweaty butt prints on the machines there, cupcake.

~*~ Mmm, that sure is a sexy convertible! I love how it makes your comb-over flap like wee little hands.  Yay, loser-applause!

~*~ Stuck to the inside lid of the “feminine bin” does not, in fact, satisfy the “don’t flush your pad” rule in the public restroom.

~*~ Whoops! I guess there should have been a freshly cut flower on your entitlement tray.

~*~ I know that this is difficult to grasp but, try. We belt our pants around our *waist* and not our knees.

~*~ In that vein, I have no need to read your cock-wrinkles through your FAR TOO TIGHT pair of jeans, bucko.

~*~ Yes, I curse. No, I do not let my daughter curse. Fuck off.

~*~ For the love of all that is holy, go here and absorb. Once you have completed that, try this on for size. Do let us know what you’ve learned.

~*~ I don’t care how good a time it is, if I can hear you through the walls as you pray to Jesus for just one more orgasm yesyesyes, I will send you along to make your request in person.

~*~ Oh, GOODY!  Today’s track is an obstacle course. Let’s see, we have pull-up bars, incline crunch benches and my personal favorite – swerve around the giant pile of dog poo left in the middle of the trail. (What the HECK was that thing? Was it’s name Clifford?)

~*~ Please don’t make me regret my initial impulse to let you live.

~*~ Get off my lawn!

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