Bill Cosby was right

 They all have brain damage. 

This clip brought to you by The Girl saying “I dunno” when asked why she – air quote – FORGOT – end air quote, to complete her trash-chore.

Empty the bins.
Empty the recycling.
Empty the litter.
Put fresh liners in trash bins.
Put fresh litter in cat box.
Wheel receptacles to curb.

It isn’t like this is all new territory. Trash emptying happens every Monday evening.  It does not change. It does not deviate. It does not morph into a robot and cause interstellar war.

I am not sure WHY this is so difficult. I suspect that it is the same issue that causes her to leave her plate on the table after dinner. Or her dirty clothes bunched up around her toilet instead of in one of the two laundry baskets she’s been provided. Brain damage would also explain the mozzarella cheese stick wrappers shoved into the couch cushions.

“Why are there wrappers in the couch cushions?”
“It wasn’t me!”
“Honey – there is NO ONE ELSE in the house but you who eats those things. Did they magically appear there?”
“I dunno!”


Maybe it is just a phase?  One that – praise Cheezits and pass the whiskey – she will outgrow?   Soon? Really soon? Before I lose what is left of my mind?

3 thoughts on “Bill Cosby was right

  1. The bathroom floor is always a mess of J’s clothes. Some people simply see the floor as a hamper, I suppose.

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