Tuesday Fiction: Sapphic Split

What, again?


Seriously. I am sorry,  guys. I apparently cannot get a fiction out on Tuesdays to save my life. I will try to be better – maybe if I update it on Monday evenings? At any rate, please enjoy this snippet. Let me know what you think!



“Sapphic Split”

            Eloise lingered on the screened-in porch, pretending to look at our garden. Bees buzzed against the screen, inches from her nose. Her posture was stiff; the vertebrae of her neck standing out like a picket fence. I wanted to smooth away the stress I could see radiating down the muscles of her neck.  I knew that if I tried she would snap at me.  Or worse, she wouldn’t say anything. Instead, she would just shrug my hands off of her. No matter how much I wanted to comfort her, divorcing couples cannot touch each other.

Rather than watch her divvy up our belongings in her mind, I turned my gaze to the spreadsheet open on the laptop in front of me. There was a whole lot of red in the far right column.  Being a poetess was not a lucrative career choice, it seemed.  I swallowed bitter laughter. Of course. No one wanted erotica from a woman who couldn’t keep her own marriage together.

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