Tuesday’s Child is Full of Writers Block

Lots of thinks things going on. Writing, my entire state burning, parenting, student, relationship, job-seeking. Worry does no one any good. And yet, I cannot seem to break the habit. I am a rabbit in a trap, a tire hanging by one bolt, a rocking chair on a precipice.

In an effort to combat the feeling of LOOMING DOOM, I sat down last evening to work on my calendar. Color coded, tabbed, spread-sheety goodness. Knowing what and when and where is important to me.

I am also going to be attempting to corral the chaos monsters in my office. I’m tired of working in an area that looks like a bomb went off. Its clean in here, but the clutter is killer.

Speaking of killers… How *many* fires are currently burning our state down? And how bad are they? Find out here.

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My Dreamwdith account. I also post on my site, The Process

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