Y Halo Thar, 7 AM. How YOU doon?

Have you ever woken up from a dream so intense, so detailed that you felt the need – heck, felt compelled to write it down?

That was this morning for me. I got most of it written down, for which I am grateful. Usually life intrudes while I am doing that – and then the dream slips away, gone forever.
THIS dream, though? This dream, I got the bulk of. I think it is going to make an awesome story. I don’t know what kind. I had to make my brain shut up while I was writing so I wouldn’t lose any details. Flash fiction? A not-so-children’s story?  It was very visual, this dream. Lots and lots of images that told part of the story.

I guess I will ponder it some more while I am going about my day, today. For now, coffee. MUST.HAVE.COFFEE.

I found this image on the internet, years ago. If anyone knows the creator, please tell me and I will happily credit them.
shuffle, shamble

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