Talislanta: Retribution

So, awhile back I had promised some GM-type scribblings from a game module I had written a few years ago.  Below, you will find  a piece of the general overview and an NPC (that’s non-player character.)  This was all written for the Talislanta 4th edition (aka, the Big Blue Book.)

*waves* Hi there! I'm the cover of the Big Blue Book. Pleased to meetcha.

Believe it or not – the guy on the cover?  Is a “good guy” – a playable character. The critter he is busily eviscerating?  Very.Bad.News.

Talislanta was written by Stephen Michael Sechi and P.D. Breeding Black. The bits below are mine. Enjoy!







Background Story and information
Detailed Outline -> Lots of extra information, skill checks, etc.
Game Notes -> Additional background information.
NPC and Villain Notes -> additional information on the peoples of this module.
Villains And NPCs -> Character sheets for both.


Background Story and Information

This module is structured for the Big Blue Book, Talislanta 4th edition.  Suggested reading: any and all pages having to do with the Zandir, the Aamanian and the Arimite peoples, the Wall and The Clash of Champions (pg. 147 in the Big Blue Book.)

The Aamanians lost this year’s contest to the Zandir. All proceeds of proprietorship of the Wall – a fortune – will go to Zandu for this year.

An Orthodoxist Aspirant has come up with a plan for final retribution on the Zandir. He has presented this idea to the Hierophant, the ruler and high priest of the Aamanian people. The Hierophant, while not blessing the plan openly, has given the go-ahead by promoting Aabas to Monitor.

  • The Hierophant is no fool. His support to the Monitor, while not exactly secret, is also not widely known. If things go awry, he can state to the wider world that he had no knowledge of the plan while claiming that the Monitor had acted with regrettable zealousness outside his given authority. If however, things go well…then Aa’s favor will be demonstrated to the world and his theocracy extended further.
  • The loss of revenue from the Wall toll is going to impact heavily on the economy of Aaman. If the mines do actually come under Aa’s sway, control of the Wall revenues will be moot insofar as economics are concerned. Additionally, the proceeds from the iron ore and smelting will give the Aamanians a much needed economic boost. Plus, all that iron means more weapons for the Chosen.

A new city has been erected in the northern mounts of Aaman, near the Arimite border. This town is located on the Aamanian side of the peaks and is away from any major trade routes or roads. It is very isolated – only one road leads up to it. The new town’s name is Aanu.

Aanu is to be a staging area for the invasion of Shattra of Arim. Control of Shattra means control of the iron ore mines and the smelters located there. Once Shattra is firmly in the grip of the Aamanians, they will turn their gaze westward to their ancient enemies, the Zandir. With Shattra and her iron ore mines under his thumb, Monitor Aabas can send for more artisans and smiths to come to the newly conquered town. Shattra will be renamed (of course!) to something more Aa-ppropriate.



STRENGTH:                 0                                                          PERCEPTION:             1

DEXTERITY:                 2                                                          CHARISMA:                2

CONSTITUION:          0                                                          WILL:                             -2

SPEED:                          1                                                          INTELLIGENCE:          2

COMBAT RATING:                   0                      MAGIC RATING:                           +3


MAGIC – Wizardry
(these are the modified set – includes MR and SKILL)

Reveal                          +26
Illusion                          +13
Move                            +13

(these are the modified set – includes the Ability modifier)

Doctrines, Paradoxy                                       +14
Alchemy                                                             +15
Dagger                                                                  +13
Deception                                                           +20
Legerdemain                                                     +17
Stealth                                                                  +17
Oratory                                                                +18
Artificer, Icons                                                   +16
Streetwise                                                          +17
Forgery                                                                +15
Urban                                                                   +17
Etiquette                                                             +15
Fashion                                                                +18
High Talislanta (language)                             +12
Low Talislanta (language)                             +9

Silken brocade cape, dyed peacock blue with gold and silver tassels

Velvet pirate shirt, dyed grape purple

Velvet blousey pantaloons, dyed indigo

Curled toe boots, leather dyed gold

Leather bound spellbook, leather dyed gold

Pouch of silver and gold icons, leather dyed orange and gold

100 Zandir crescents


Turban of Calming Influence
Archaen item, Fire Opal set in the Turban is the enchanted item.
+12 Influence (Calming, -6 Will roll for target) 5 foot radius, constant effect

Charming Earrings
Ruby and Fire Opal clusters
+10 Alter to Charisma (+2 to Charisma), 3x daily

Tasteful Silver Beard Band
Detect Poison (Reveal +10, 3x daily)

Fire Opal and Emerald Matching Dagger Set
+18 Alter to Dagger skill, +6 to skill as per swordsmanship


Eyebrows, beard and mustache treated with a magical elixir to make them glisten like an opal. Older gentleman. Very distinguished and courtly manners.


A carefully kept secret. Recently moved into the position of the Seneschal to the Sultan after an unfortunate series of mistakes by his predecessor ended in that worthy being thrown from one of the Sultan’s Palace’s copper turrets.

“Oh. How unfortunate for him. Tsk. Tsk.”



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