A new television show, some snark and a bit of eye rolling

While I was browsing around this morning, doing the normal coffee & email-read routine, I came across a site for a new FX TV show called “American Horror Story.” I was intrigued – I love a good horror show –  so off I went to their official site. Psychosexual thriller with a potential supernatural bent, eh? Sounds interesing. Cast looks good, some names that I recognize. Lots of pretty people. And you know, horror TV show.  In October, no less. *

Checking my sanity in at the door, I went to the FB site so I could “like” it and get updates, character information, upcoming episode information, etc., etc. social media ad nauseum, ad infinitum. Then I brainfarted and scrolled down to see what people were saying about it.

Dear god, the stupid. It burns.


I should know better by now than to read comments. Why on earth do people feel the need to argue in a public space about something that they don’t have any clue about? The show’s not even out yet but some of these higher primates feel that they have the sacred duty to rip it to teensy little pieces.



In spite of the rampant asininity on the Facebook site, I am still intrigued enough to tune in (or, far more likely, DVR it) and watch the premiere. As I said, I love a good horror show. Especially at this time of the year. If I can’t have pretty foliage and cooler weather, I will have spooky television. I hope that it’s good. I hope that it’s good for more than the first few episodes.
I don’t watch a huge amount of TV – because, for the most part, it sucks. Totally willing to give a new show the benefit of the doubt. History shows, however, that within a season this show will jump the shark.


Personally, I’d like to get a few of my more writerly-type friends together and put together a TV show. I am reasonably sure that we could turn out scripts that are at least as good as what one sees now. And, living in Austin, we have access to quite a few** studios. What do you say, writer friends?  Wanna put together something really scary?




*-  (unf, unf, unf)
** – Ok, eight. Eight studios, give or take.

4 thoughts on “A new television show, some snark and a bit of eye rolling

  1. Love the concept! But, I can’t watch horror, anymore. I lived and breathed horror fiction through elementary school and well into my early twenties. And then I watched The Sixth Sense one Christmas at home with my family and…. Like I said, I love the concept 🙂

  2. 🙂 I did, too. I cut my teeth on King and Koontz.

    Though, there are some horror movies that I cannot stand. Anything with excessive gore. Anything that is over-the top violent. Yeah. No. Brrr and brr and no thankyew.

    But shivery, spooky, creepy-crawly OMGLOOKOUT! a ghostie is coming up the stairs behind you?
    Oh, yes.

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