Disco, Iguanas and Thundercats. This post has EVERYTHING.

As you all may – or hell, may not know –  I have been attending college for the last three years. Big whoopies, some of you may say. I retort with: I started my educational career when I was thirty-eight. (38!!)   

I realize that most people do this sort of thing when they are younger, have more stamina, less children, a greater capacity for beer, what-have-you. But, being me – that is to say, dense – I did a whole bunch of living before starting undergraduate studies. While I do have some regrets about not going to college right out of high school – I mean, who DOESN’T want to live on campus, study continuously,  and yet party like a rock star every night*? 

Most of the time, I am all right with the decisions I have made and the weird assortment of jobs that I have had**.

The upshot of all this is that I am approaching my final hours for my Associates (woooo, Associates of Art in English ~METAL HORNS~) and am now contemplating the Big Question.

What in the heck do I ~DO~ with this degree? Or, more succinctly: Now What?

Up until recently, I had assumed that I was going to go on and get my Bachelors, and then Masters Degrees.  (Spellcheck wants “degrees” capitalized?) However, recent financial events have made me question that assumption. Suddenly, it has become Very Important*** that more dollars flow from my doings. Full time gig, HOOO****!

I’m not saying that getting your education and working full time are mutually exclusive. People do it all the time. I just don’t know if I can do it. I guess I am going to find out, though. Because, I (re)submitted my application, my transcripts, and the blood of a virgin iguana to Texas State University. As you do.

Say what to the who, now?







Now, if I can get a counselor to actually speak to me about what and how many of my multitudinous hours are actually going to transfer and apply, that’d be like super awesome, dude.
&.& (<- my daughter, who is far cooler than I, assures me that is an eye roll.)

Meanwhile, I continue with the job search. I have hours lined up at the community college for Spring semester, in case something goes completely pear-shaped at the university. I don’t really anticipate a problem (3.5 overall GPA, ~METAL HORNS~, again) but you never know.





* – All those movies are accurate, right?
** – I have driven a taxi cab, worked as a house mom, put in driveways, done general demolition work, been a dog groomer, done tech support, technical writing & quality assurance on software. Those are *some* of the jobs that I have held since I passed twenty years old.
*** – I turn into Pooh the Bear when I write journal entries, I notice.
**** – Of course, this is assuming that I can FIND a full time gig. The economy, she sucks.

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