Halloween Approaches: In Which I Maul the HOA’s Rulebook

After a bit of thought, I’ve decided that while I cannot (yet!) afford to decorate my entire yard, there is no good reason not to do the front porch. I already have many of the components.

However, I am now at an impasse. I need about a ½ hour to an hour’s worth of creepy sound effects to pull this off.  Keeping in mind that the theme is “Haunted Nursery/Daycare” – what are some sound effects/ideas that I can pull together?

Sounds I already plan on using:

  • The Diddy Laugh
  • An approaching thunderstorm
  • Echoing crying sounds (adult)
  • The ‘Blair Witch’ creepy-thumpy music/sound effect
  • Loud knocking (as if on a door by a very large fist)
  • Menacing whisper effects
  • The ‘Tick Tock’ song from Doctor Who
  • A little girl singing ‘The Itsy Bitsy Spider’
  • Another girl asking if you want to have a tea party with her

All in all, its about six minutes worth of sound effects.
I know, right? Seems like it should be more. *SIGHS*   At any rate – more ideas would be lovely.

I am going to have to come up with a rocking chair and talk the Girl into letting me maul some of her older baby-dolls.
I might also need one of those cauldrons that look – but actually *aren’t* – on fire. You know… to put the dismembered Barbies into.

Like you do.


I will post images and/or a video of everything once I get it all done.




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