Halloween 2011 – The Photo Post


Halloween 2011, a set on Flickr.

Being on a somewhat extreme budget this year, as well as not being Ye Olde Craft Goddess, I didn’t get to go all out like I wished to. However, I did make some few things that I liked. I will probably be taking this theme and expanding on it next year. There’s just something so completely freaky about a haunted children’s home. Enjoy this brief video and the photos of the house decorations. If my costume turns out like I hope, there will also be photos of it.

2 thoughts on “Halloween 2011 – The Photo Post

  1. I love the concept. It reminds me of the creepy previews for Stephen King’s Bag of Bones series on television. Why is it that child ghosts are so much more terrifying than, say, axe murderers, for example?

  2. I was thinking about this, recently.
    The concept of child ghosts is far more creepy than almost anything else Halloween-y. Is it because we see all that potential snuffed out? Is it because we fear that their empathy – and thus their ability to reign in an emotional outburst before it goes too far – isn’t fully realized? Is it simply that as smaller creatures, they can just pop out of nowhere?
    Some combination of those?
    Food for thought.

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