Crankypants: A Song of Fever & Cramps

These...are my Crankypants!!


Fair Warning – parts of this particular entry are gross.







To get the full effect, say the above picture caption in the same manner as Ash from “Army of Darkness”.



Please send soup. And Midol.

Halloween weekend and night were awesome.  However, I apparently contracted the Venusian Death cold sometime during it. I have become a walking, talking snot-factory. Cough, wheeze, snork, hork, and sneeze. It is far more fun than any human should be allowed. /sarcasm
On top of that, my EUPHIMISM DETECTED! showed up, approximately five days late.
May I just say that sneezing while your bodily is busily doing uterine demolition work? So.not.recommended.









On a related note, my thinking and creative abilities are dead. They’ve been suffocated by the vast amounts of nose goo.

OK – not entirely true. I do have a little cognitive ability not muffled by a layer of mucous. Unfortunately, I have to use it to do laundry. Also? I must call the University to find out WHY their application status check web page sucks gangrenous donkey schlong. Because it does. It sucks and I hate them. Hate, hate, hate.
No, wait.

I just want to find out if I was accepted for the Spring semester. The provided “check it yerself” web-app doesn’t work. It just pretends to load and pretends to load and pretends to load….

I am not asking too much, am I? I’d like to think that I am a shoo-in, academically speaking. Not being able to check is making me a touch crazy, though. I hate not knowing.

Feh. I am going to go make yet another cup of tea and then kill some zombies. Maybe blasting hordes of undead will make me feel better.  At the very least, it will be something to do while I wait in endless “your call is important to us, please stay on the line” hell.

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