In which I await Godot

I hate waiting.  (/inigo)
I hate waiting on other people. I especially hate waiting on other people when what they are (apparently not!) doing directly affects my own life.


"Time is very slow for those who wait..." -Shakespeare

Dear Texas State University,

If you could, you know, hurry up and let me know if I can haz a degree program? That’d be awesome.


If you can’t tell, I am totally going for an English degree. It’s cause I am good with words and stuff.

The truth is I love words. I love reading them. I love writing them. I love finding out all about them. This is beneficial, as I will apparently be spending quite a bit of time doing all three. That is, if I’m ever accepted.
I wonder if it would help if I go up and poke the admission counselors with a stick?

Probably not.

I’ve actually had a couple of people ask me what I am going to do with an English degree.
Excuse me? Were you trying to be obnoxious or did it just come out that way?
Who asks that sort of thing?

OBNX PEOPLE:  “What job are you going to get with that degree? Aren’t you concerned you’ll be stuck in a McDonald’s somewhere, asking if they want fries with that?”  *hyuck hyuck hyuck*
(Actual question. True story.)

Why sure, I am. Mostly, its because I am concerned because the job market is so poor, right now. Many people are having trouble getting jobs. Not just us word geeks.

As for an English degree being useless?

I bite my thumb at you, sir.





What do you think on that sort of unsolicited advice?  Do you find it common? Is it something that you would do? Why or why not?

10 thoughts on “In which I await Godot

  1. Everyone asked me “what will you do with an English degree?” Damned if I knew at the time. But now I get to say I edit romance novels. Comma splices are everywhere, and they need us to fix them!

  2. Speaking of comma-splices. Bits of this post is obviously pre-coffee.
    Ah, well.

    I am always amazed at people who ask that sort of question.
    “Hey, this word-thing obviously makes you happy. And, you are willing to take on the responsibility to go to school for it. But, do you REEAALLLLLLLY think you’ll be able to get a job with it?”

    1. Heh.
      I know, right? If this had been a one-off occurrence,…
      No, even then it is beyond rude.

      Journalism? How cool! Do you work for a news source? Freelance?

  3. . As an English major I have taught at a college and also in a penitentiary. As an English major I owned my own bookstore. As a English major I get paid to write in my pajamas…and if nothing else I can carry a sign that says, “will read for food.” You do what you love and learn to do it well and somehow it will work out. Congrats to you for deciding on a life of words!

  4. I’ve heard a number of times that there are several jobs out there where the TYPE of degree you have doesn’t matter, just whether or not you have one. Something about it showing your ability to follow a challenging goal to completion. Also, even tech places like NI hire technical writers with…English degrees! to translate between geek speak and everyone else.

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