Monday, Monday…

You guys.
Dude, you guys.

What a fantastic weekend it was! Well, except for the part where I had an argument with Mister Man on Saturday morning. Oh, and the part where my best friend came down the Venusian Death Cold Sunday morning. But other than that? A FABLOUS WEEKEND WAS HAD BY ALL.
Sorry I didn’t update all that much1 this weekend. I haven’t been anywhere near a computer since Saturday morning. (The one at work doesn’t count – too much actual work stuff to do to really have time to write.)

The Love Bat.

Friday, after my three thousandth and fifty-second time 2checking the application update for Texas State, I saw that my status had changed to “Admit.”  To say that I was excited was an understatement on par with saying that Tolkien writes longish books. The sounds that I was making probably attracted every single male bat in a 4-mile radius around the homeplace.  EE! EE! EE!


Saturday was work all day at the day job3. However, that evening was a house party with a large group of friends. I had not been to their house in …well ever. They live in the middle of the country. Kind of like I do but on the other ass-end of nowhere. You know those directions where someone says things like, “After you cross the river, drive forty miles. You’ll see a cow. Turn left at the cow and start looking for the grain silo.” Yeah. In the country. I did fine though, even though I was driving out there by myself, after dark. Their house is beautiful and oh, my god!  There were so many people at it! I think the count wound up being like 60 adults, 10 kids, and 8 dogs. There were people I’d never met, people I hadn’t seen in far too long, and people who I knew but only from online. Putting names and faces together is an awesome thing.  I wish I had remembered to take some pictures. Ah, well.

Sunday morning, we got up and meandered around the house for a bit. They were continuing the party in a low-key sort of way. Mimosas, backrubs, and food. I had fresh-ground coffee and great conversation until I had to leave. I hated to go but I was really looking forward to seeing my gaming buds. We haven’t had a chance to get together in weeks and weeks.

Back in town, I spent Sunday afternoon running a Talislanta game. As we were a major character short, I didn’t get into any plot points. Boo.
But I think a fun time was had by all. I have so many Evil Things plotted out for those guys. You just don’t know. EVIL, I say.

At any rate, today has started off by being a Monday through and through. Amongst the errands that must get done today, I have to go to the bank4 to take care of a credit card that has disappeared. Why they won’t simply cancel it over the phone is beyond me. One of those errands is taking the Girl to her ortho appointment this afternoon. Poor kid gets painful apparatus manipulations today, I believe. Joy and trumpets.
Also? I got a nasty-gram about one of my kitties from one of the neighbors. I don’t know which one and society frowns on the whole giving-the-finger-to-everyone-on-principal thing. Eat me, unknown person with cat-hatred.

I guess what I am saying is that Monday is really a letdown after such a fantastic weekend. To combat the Monday blues, I’m just gonna hold on to the happiness that this weekend gave me. I’m also going to throw away the mean little note. Because every time I look at it, my blood pressure creeps up a notch.


“I’ve been thinking Hobbes –“

“On a weekend?”

“Well, it wasn’t on purpose…”
     – Watterson





1 – At all.
2 – I’m not obsessive. Really.
3– And by “day job” I mean the job that I work every other Saturday. J
4 – Like a motherfucking adult.

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