Tunnel Vision

I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I’d love to get back to the point where I am not coughing up a lung every fifteen minutes or so. Additionally, if I could also not want to fall down and nap after walking up the stairs? That’d be awesome.

I do have a couple of long posts1 circulating in my brain. Unfortunately, I haven’t the wherewithal to write them right now. You know what toughing out an infection sans antibiotics means? It means a whole helluva lot of exhaustion. Also? A small mountain of laundry, house chores, and things what needed doing a week ago being overdue.
Feh. Double FEH with a crispy side of MEH, I say.

All this means is that I am going to play tired catch-up this weekend and that these posts are going to be, of necessity, shorter.









1– One of which is more of the “Julia Child, Zombie Hunter” story.  That is a fun little bit fiction. 🙂

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