Gifted and Talented

The Girl brought home a paper for me to sign last night. One of her teachers believes that she should be in the Gifted and Talented program.
I signed that paper with a flourish, y’all.

I’ve always thought that she is super-bright– and that’s not just gratuitous Mommy-preening. We are, after all, talking about the child who  explored the concept of death by having a pharaonic burial for a Barbie1

Of course, we are also talking about the child who routinely “forgets” to put on clean socks, who cannot for the life of her – remember all the steps to taking out the trash, and sometimes brushes her teeth sans toothpaste.



I wonder if Albert Einstein’s mom had these problems?

1 – I believe it is still interred on a shelf, somewhere at her Dad’s house.

4 thoughts on “Gifted and Talented

  1. *laughing* Yes, I suspect she did. Case in point, the task of brushing his hair would appear to have been beyond his natural scope.

    I worked for several years at an elementary school that was host to a self-contained HGT (highly gifted & talented) program. Every one of the HGT students had their own quirks and tendencies toward forgetfulness. Each one had great strengths and weaknesses academically and personally…just like everyone else :).

  2. True! He always looked like there’d been recent accidental electrocution.

    She really is an awesome kid (nope, no bias, ha!) I’m just riding the wave of pre-adolescent angst and poor hygiene.
    Like you do.

  3. I’m not sure about Einstein, but I think I read somewhere that Isaac Newton had to practically be walked through the routine of his days because his deep thoughts rendered him immobile at times.

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