A Perfect Pother of Peeves



I mean, seriously? You felt the need to resort the dishes in the washer again? What on earth was it THIS time that made you decide that to move all the dishes around? Were the plastic tubs – that once held sour cream and cottage cheese – offensive to you? Is that why they’re now residing in the recycling bin? Did you stop to consider that maybe JUST MAYBE, I had them in the washer for a reason? That perhaps I wanted – *shock gasp awe* – faux-tupperware that had lids? No, of course not.
We have spoken about this before. This is one of my peeviest peeves. Whenever you do this, it pushes both my anal-retentive “you’re doing it WRONG” button AND my “I’m not good enough, apparently” button. Double jeopardy, dude.

And really – it isn’t just when you anyone comes behind me and re-does a bit of housework that I’ve completed. Honestly, it’s for any project that I’ve accomplished where someone makes drastic changes to my work.

I recognize as a writer – esp. one with aspirations to publishing fiction – that I must get over myself on this. Editors are there for a reason. They’re not out to get me or secretly trying to figure out a way to make me go away. I shouldn’t automatically think “dear god, look at all the red! I am made of suck and fail!” Those red lines aren’t there to punish me.

Here’s a thought, self: If an editor writes you back with suggestions – then they’re thinking about your work. They’re helping you refine your words so that other people will better understand what you’re trying to say. That story isn’t sitting in a “to be shredded pile” or lining the bottom of someone’s catbox. It’s being actively read. So, you know, relax. Better yet,

I feel much better.

Well, except that I am still kind of peeved about the dishes. I recognize you aren’t actually making judgments on my housekeeping ability, it still revs my crank-motor all the way up to eleven.

What about you guys? What are the things that get under your skin? What are the habits or behaviors that others in your immediate vicinity have that sets your hair on fire?

DISCLAIMER: This is my beef and is in no way a comment on anyone else’s behavior. I am also exaggerating…well, OK – slightly exaggerating for effect.

5 thoughts on “A Perfect Pother of Peeves

  1. Unsolicited advice, especially when essentially “undo that difficult thing you did, because I don’t get why you did it”. For extra style, follow that up with “but I meant well” when I object. Hell already has several eight-lane expressways: it (and I) didn’t need that added paving stone, thanks.

  2. As a professional writer, it doesn’t get much better. I love it when people find errors in my work, because it makes the work better, but oh jumpin’ Jesus inna chickenbasket do I ever hate it when they ‘fix’ things by introducing a new error. I have cursed out my current editor for this a couple times now.

  3. My dad is an infamous dishwasher re-arranger. It made me nuts! And now, whenever I (infrequently) visit his house, I won’t put so much as a glass in the washer for him.

    I have a whole series of pet peeves called Pet Peevery Lane on my blog *laughing*. I have an endless supply. Mostly though, my #1 pet peeve is people who use my bath towel.

    1. I will have to go read Peevery Lane. What a fantastic idea!

      OMG, using my towel. I hear you.
      Please don’t use my bath towel to dry your hands from post-potty hand-washing. PLEASE. Don’t. I KEEL YOU.

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