Introductions to the Players and a bit of an Overview

Because this game has been ongoing already for many weeks, this first bit will be quite broad and general. In other words, there is too much…I must sum up.
After today’s post, this should be more like a serial novel like Green Mile by Monsieur King, but with less Coffey and more explosions. In addition, the timing should stabilize into once every other week.

A little background: this game takes place in Talislanta, which I have said before. However, this is something of a crossover game with my kidnapping of several players from the Dungeons and Dragons (2nd E) world.

Like you do.

Thus Far

An evil sorcerer from another dimension kidnapped Minozh’s beloved wife, Eirel. In fact, only Haggatha and her peerless precognitive abilities saved Minozh from a similar fate. She woke Tim in time for him to see Minozh being taken, screaming and bound, someplace.

Tim, himself no slouch in the wiggly-fingers department, used his magic to follow trail of the kidnapper. He tracked them through the Aetherial Plane to a completely different dimension. Talislanta. Fortunately, Tim had been there many years before. With that knowledge and the still open portal, he was able to safely teleport where Minozh and Eirel were being held.

He landed in a terrible place. A place of pain and sorrow and death. In front of him were  two circles, circumscribed with runes of awful power. In the center of one circle lay Minozh, bound head to foot in barbed wire, which crackled with a baleful light. In the other circle, now just a bright outline of herself, stood Eirel. Her head was thrown back in a scream, although Tim could hear nothing. Slow moving eddies of silver tinged a dark red energy connected Minozh to Eirel. Above them both, in the ceiling, a huge and fanged mouth was drawing their life-force in.

Did I mention this was a bad, nasty place? Like Geiger would’ve been at home and Bosch could’ve summered there comfortably? I did? Good.

Where were we?
Oh, yes.

Tim managed to close the fanged mouth and get Minozh out of the circle – but not before the latter sees his wife ripped apart from the soul out. Tim decides that getting the fuck up out of there is the better part of valor and teleports them to a place in Talislanta he’d been to before. Someplace safe, he believes. And even though the casting was hurried, he felt that it went off perfectly.

Perfection is hard to achieve, though. They wound up in a place far from where they’d attempted to travel. In fact, on later reflection, it was almost as if they had been directed by outside forces to land in the Lyceum of Cymril.

In the Lyceum, they are given aid and succor. Maerys, a Natural mage of not-inconsiderable talent, attempted to heal Minozh of the awful wounds he had taken. The fell magic woven into the scars kill her and destroy her soul before anyone can react.

During the kidnapping, Minozh suffered a soul-backlash when his wife was apparently destroyed before his eyes. He is now marked with a series of barbed wire scars that run from the soles of his feet to the crown of his head. They are a dull red in color. Any time heavy-duty magic is cast near Minozh, it causes him excruciating pain. Minozh, being an ex-gladiator, can take quite a bit. This, however, drops him to the ground like a felled ox.  Furthermore, every time that he tries to sleep, Minozh has gruesome nightmares. Between the loss of his soulmate, the sleep deprivation, and the unending physical pain, Minozh is losing what grip on reality he did have.

Prior to their arrival, the mages of the Lyceum had received an unprecedented package containing a small obsidian mirror and a brief note. Addressed the Cymrillian Cabal, it was from the Black Savants of Nefaratus.

To Whom This Concerns,

 One of our members has become unstable. Do not approach, as he is exceedingly dangerous. If you find a Black Savant within your city, give him wide berth and send a message via the mirror we have enclosed.  

 One of our own who is experienced in tracking will be at the other end of the mirror. Use a simple scrying spell to activate the mirror.  It is attuned to her and will contact her directly.

After some back and forth with the Lyceum mages, it was determined that the Cabal would contact the mysterious tracker and let her know everything that had happened. She instructs the Cabal to send the strangers to meet her Akmir. From there, she can determine what the next step is. The readily agree – mostly to get these dangerous strangers out their city – and quickly put together a windship expedition.

Included in the expedition is one Galen Faedraught, an up and coming young mage of the Lyceum. He is dependable, capable and honorable. He has some windship experience, which is a bonus. Even better, he is not a noble so if he gets accidentally slaughtered, it won’t cause a huge furor. The only windship captain immediately available is a Danuvian virago. Unfortunate, but speed is of the essence. They pack everything up – minus the mirror, which the expedition members don’t know about – and send them out of the city posthaste.

The windship is barely two days of out Cymril when there is an unfortunate accident involving levitationals, paranoia, accidental elemental porting and a series of botched rolls. However, in spite of the splinters they made of the windship, the group manages to get themselves to Akmir in time to meet the mysterious Black Savant.

Hoo boy. Those Savant people are simply some of the most sinister beings anywhere. Ever.

No really. EVER.

She shows up right before dawn with her Monad Servitor and speaks with the party. They pool their information and make the decision to go to the Library at the Ruins of Jalaad, which has some of the more impressive tomes of knowledge on the planet.

In order to make speed to their destination, the party hires a duneship piloted by an unusually cheerful Dracartan captain, Rysul. They make good time – in spite of several attempts by the GM’s random encounters to kill them right off.

About a week away from the Ruins, the Savant Delir, pulls a Gandalf. For reasons of her own, she leaves in the night without anyone seeing her go. However, she does pen a cryptic message that she leaves tacked to the mast of the ship with a knife. It commands them to continue on to the Library. She promises to meet them at Jalaad. The party decides to make a supply stop at El Aran to gear up for the final leg of their journey. Meanwhile, Minozh’s dreams take a devastating turn for the worse. He is now only able to get any sleep with the aid of Morpheus powders. And even still, he nightmares all night.

Right before the company reaches El Aran, they notice a smell coming from their hold. Opening the hold reveals the quickly putrefying remains of the Monad Servitor. Not wishing to be unnecessarily held at El Aran for crimes against nature, the party makes a brief stop in the desert and cleans out the horrific hold. During the course of the scrubbing, they come upon a second note from Delir. It is encapsulated in a watertight scroll case and had apparently been sewn inside the servant’s body.

Dear Friends,

If you are finding this message then something has gone awry. I may well have run into something that I was unable to manage. If that is the case, I will have left my research notes for you in the care of the Librarians.

Treat gently with them – they are a wary people.


Through a variety of events, the party manages to lose access to the duneship. However, they are given a mini-caravan of batras (think reptilian camels) to complete their trip. There is some concern over the amount of time it will take to get to the Ruins. Minozh isn’t getting any saner, you know. When they get a few days away from El Aran, Tim announces that he has been doing some research and thinks he may have plan. All they need is to find a cloud.

Yeah. In the desert.

The group goes cloud-chasing and eventually finds one that Tim can use to shape into an ark large enough to take them – batras included – to their destination. At last, things seem to be going their way!

Onward to the Library!

The Thane of His Existence

OVERVIEW: A Play in Three Acts


Our friends are summoned to a whole new world. Madness ensues. Frightening news from afar. A task is placed upon the shoulders of a Cymrillian native. Travel begins and is interrupted. Side-plots and business deals are made. A meeting with a woman before dawn. Travel begins anew. Something rotten in the state of Monad. A new message with hideous implications. The dreams worsen. Chasing clouds. At last, the Library!


My Cast

(in no particular order)


  • Minozh – A previously only occasionally-homicidal elf on the hunt for the creature that killed his wife. Toenail hold on sanity.
  • Tim – An enchanter of uncertain mental capabilities. Best friend to the elf. Likes grails and explosions.
  • Galen – A Cymrillian mage and scion of his House. Knows more than you think. Almost certainly wealthier than you.
  • Shield-Thrust – A Tazian warrior of exceptional serenity (for a Thrall) and ability. Prefers his meals tartare.
  • Water Whisp – Accidentally summoned to a desert by a bit of forgotten magic. Pissed. Off.
  • Haggatha(r) – Wife of an enchanter. Fashionista & fabulous seeress.
  • Eirel – Beautiful priestess to Athena & wife to homicidal elf.


  • Rysul – An exiled Dracartan. Duneship captain of incredible skill and unfortunate luck.
  • Djani al Ibin – Fiancée of an unfortunate captain and the brain behind the Ibin fortune.
  • Djema al Ibin – Crafty and ostensible head of the Ibin clan. Dotes on his daughter, Djani.
  • Dar Motas – A Sindaran collector. He is collecting the Archaens. Yes, all of them.
  • Captain Thena – A Danuvian virago and wind ship captain. Made poor choices in men and magic.
  • Delir – A Thanely Savant. Scary as hell.
  • Monad Servitor – Used to be called “Lump in the Hold”; is now called “Message for you, sir.”
  • Ishan – Grim fellow. Xambrian. Some would say that’s redundant.


  • Batras – There are 10 of them. Currently on a cloud. Very confusing to be a batra right now.
  • Taji Narune – Sindra with a whole lotta boom-boom for sale. Naughty spawn with at least one oar out of the water.
  • Maerys the Green – Cymrillian sorceress. Wrong place. Wrong time. Funeral at eleven.
  • Djeral il Faruun – related by marriage to the al Ibins. Foodstuff merchant. Mesmerizing cook.

7 thoughts on “Introductions to the Players and a bit of an Overview

  1. So much fun to read! You excel at summary. The character description are a hoot, particularly Haggatha(r), the wee water wisp and the former Maerys.

  2. I think “Sindra” and “at least one oar out of the water” are redundant, given what makes a Sindra a Sindra (as opposed to a Sindarin).

    Sounds like a fun game.

    1. It is a bit redundant, true. OTOH, if you didn’t *know* the difference … ?

      It is – at least from a GM perspective – a mind-boggingly complex game. Also fun.
      The players seem to be enjoying, anyway.

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