The Honorable Bon

Back in August, I entered a writing contest. The prizes were donations to charitable organizations – a concept I could totally get behind. I sent along my soft science fiction short story “Flora, Not Fauna” to Bards and Sages Publishing.
On December 18th, I got notice that I was an Honorable Mention. I couldn’t say anything until they made the announcements, though. I’ve been sitting on this gnus! for a half month. You can imagine the flailing that has been happening. Kermie-dances galore, people.

The upshot?
I’m gonna be published in an anthology this summer! I’ll pause to allow the squee-ing to commence.1

Screen capture of SQUEE!!


The information that I have says that I may choose to have my “story included in our awards anthology, Bardic Tales and Sage Advice vol. 4,” – to which I say “Do people actually say ‘No’ to that question?”

I am, of course, encouraging you all to go and purchase 12 copies of this anthology.  😀


To say that I am completely bowled over and excited would be understating things. So, I will just say that I am honored to have been chosen. Thank you so very, very much.













1 – You *are* squee-ing, right?  I sure am!

11 thoughts on “The Honorable Bon

  1. I TOLD you that you needed to keep writing about that character. And while I didn’t “squee” – being much too manly for that – I do feel much happiness and joy for you.

      1. I’ve scheduled a wee little congratulatory announcement to show up on the Literary Austin blog tomorrow night….look for it around 7:45 pm.

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