Cedar, Thou Foul and Unclean Vermin

Explosive pollen. No, really.



kaff kaff sneeze

kaff kaff HORK! sneeze kaff kaff



I love cedar season. Don’t you?

Benadryl controls most of the symptoms. Of course, Benadryl ALSO makes me a drooling idiot. If ever I choose to leave the beautiful Hill Country, it will be because of this whole “can’t breathe from late November through early March” thing.

In other, more interesting news: my daughter has gotten more approvals and forms1 for the gifted and talented program at school.  Which is yay-making. I gleefully filled out the extra forms and sent them along. Maybe if she is being challenged in school she won’t do this sort of thing:

Yes, that is her hand.
It IS nifty. And yes, she is very talented. Obviously, she has more time on her hands (hahaha, get it?) than she requires for actual schoolwork.




















1 – The only form I got was a summons for jury duty.



4 thoughts on “Cedar, Thou Foul and Unclean Vermin

  1. Don’t get me going about the mountain cedar. I’ve introduced my co-workers at the Day Job to the term “cedar fever,” because they couldn’t figure out why they felt so poorly. In my case, combine it with actual flu, and I’m impersonating Roger in “Dawn of the Dead” to my wife: “Don’t do it until you are sure I am coming back. I’m gonna try…not to…come back…”

    1. A prayer.

      Dear Lord,
      Who in this locale is called [NASCAR driver name].

      We humbly beseech thee for the removal of the vile cedar plague.
      Failing that, a plethora of flamethrowers would not go amiss.

      ~Most of Texas

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