5 thoughts on “I’m blue again

  1. Also? Jealous. Just a little. My job doesn’t afford me the luxury of anything remotely resembling manic panic or anything else particularly fabulous hair-wise these days. *sigh*

    1. Actually, the hair color is Feria’s Starry Night – which advertises itself as a ‘cool black’.
      I just have so much gray that the undercolor (blue) is strongly picked up. It looks black – unless I am standing in strong light. Then you can see the streaks of blue.
      It is a nifty effect I discovered a bit ago and have been shamelessly taking advantage of. 🙂

      It does help that I am a student and not working in a professional environment. Although, when I did work in SQA – nobody batted an eye about it.
      Could be because it was software engineering, could be because I live in Austin. Probably a bit of both.
      Austin is fun, like that.

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