I <3 my friends. I truly do.

Tom!: Can you pull off love scenes while cranky? Isn’t that why Temple of Doom was so dark.

Bon: Heh. Fortunately, I am doing fanfic for Dragon Age II.

Tom!: “The elf maiden received the slap with aplomb prior to offering herself to the halfling.”

Bon: Naw. I got a slightly posessed mage arguing with his demon about whether or not being in love will detract from his Just Cause. After he wins the argument (for now) he will go and make more kissy face with the Heroine of the Tale.

Tom!: Sounds like a blast 🙂

Bon: If only it weren’t so difficult to write decent love scenes.
Defenestration? Easy-peasy.
Declaring love and making with the fade to black? Daaaayum, that’s hard.

Tom!: Time to read more Harlequin?

Bon: I may have to.
**moue of ICK**

Tom!: If you read on a kindle or similar device, nobody will know.
That’s how Felicia Day does it.

Bon: Sneaky!
Speaking of DA. 🙂

Tom!: That’s how I roll.
Keeping it relevant.

Bon: **throws Victoriana-esque gang signs**

Tom!: West bank!

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