Filter Creation: DA2 Fan-Fiction

I may have mentioned this before: I have a severe lack of experience in writing romance scenes. In order to correct this1 I have been experimenting in fan-fiction2.

Part of me is a tad ashamed of writing in another author(s)’ country, you know? Another bit is more pragmatic, and has the attitude of getting practice is no bad thing.

In point of fact, I’ve currently got two scenes from the game fleshed out3. I will be writing more, and branching away from the game itself as I go. Once I feel comfortable enough with romance, I’ll move on to my own characters albeit, staying in the same world.

This is where you guys come in. I need eyes other than my own on these.

Now, I just need volunteers.

Here’s what you get: access to this filter. This will not be available anywhere else except on this LiveJournal. It won’t be on my writing/parent blog. It won’t be on my DW account or my FB. This is it.
On this filter, I will randomly post fiction inspired by the game world. Some of it will be sweet, some salacious, some will have random defenestration.
I guess it will just depend on my mood.

But you have to ask to be on it. I am not going to simply add folks off the friend’s list. That’d be downright rude. Especially since I know that some of you have strong feelings regarding fiction, fan based or otherwise.

1 – Because let’s face it, I will have to have at least SOME romantic scenes. Not sex, necessarily. But if it comes up, it comes up. I have this huge stumbling block around this type of thing and I am sick of it.

I believe that what I am attempting is called “flooding” in psychiatry circles.

2 – for Dragon Age II. Gaming. Is there anything it *can’t* fix?

3 – Like many BioWare games, there are romance options within the game. However, because it is a game and has to appeal to a broader audience – than one, say for a book with specific characters – the scenes are pretty generic.

To be clear: all works owned by BioWare & its peoples are *theirs*. I’m just using them for the sex, man.

2 thoughts on “Filter Creation: DA2 Fan-Fiction

  1. Add me, please? I know I hardly ever comment to your LJ posts and practically never use this anymore, myself, but I would be interested in seeing what you’re producing. Maybe it’ll help me with my own neverending efforts to copnvince myself I really should be writing more, myself.

    My only caveat is that I have learned that I can sometimes be a tad more clinical (and brutally honest) with my critiquing than is strictly necessary. This quirks seems to be attributable to my ASD, wherein the brain’s usual “is this socially acceptable?” filters are largely absent. You’ll never find me stooping to direct insult, but past experience has shown me that sometimes, what I see as a friendly attempt to offer advice can COME ACROSS as brutal and heartless, particularly when I don’t realise the person was actually looking for simple encouragement and support rather than actual editing suggestions.

    In any event…I don’t know whether you’d want that sort of person reading your material, but if you’re still game, I’d be happy to do my part.

    As a mildly-related FYI, I’ve always been a big believer in the DH Lawrence/James Joyce approach when it comes to sex scenes in fiction. *shakes pom-poms*

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