Scheduling Sleep

In talking to Mister Man last night,  I realized that while I have planned for doing all the things that need doing this semester? I forgot to schedule in time for sleep.

Apparently, I thought that I could do without.

School right now is:

M, W –> 10.30 AM til 12.30 PM  –>Adolescent Psychology
M, W –> 2.00 PM til 3.30 PM –> Critical Thinking for English

T, Th –>4.00 PM til 7.00 PM –>Personality Pschology

Saturday –>1.00 PM til 4.00 PM –>Philosophy


Even with the driving time added in, its not too bad. Albeit, there WILL be lots and lots of reading and writing. No biggie. Momma can do that all day, every day. No problem.

I have to maintain the house, as well. Mister Man is working full time and The Girl is a 12 year old kid. We also have Big Boy, Destructo Kitty. Mess happens. No biggie. Momma can do that all day, every. No problem.

Also, we restarted the C25K program, added in yoga (as taught by Robert Gardner Wellness) and am trying to convert us to a modified paleo diet1.  But, I can do all that. All day, every day. No problem2.

*smacks forehead*
Oh, yes! I also want to write – keep up with my blog posts, continue with my fiction writing and get those submitted. I can do that.

Plus, speaking of writing, I am running that Talislanta campaign. Which I also need to get caught up on the serialized story and get that published.

Um. No biggie?

So, yes. Hmm…
Somewhere in all of that, I also need to do laundry and bathe and have some sort of social life so I don’t go screaming into the hills.










1 – Mostly trying to cut out processed foods and such. Limiting the number of grains and the like as well, too. The *problem* with this sort of eating is that it takes some menu thoughtfulness and grocery hopping, so as to avoid spending Giant Dollars on it.

2 – And if you know what I am referencing with the “all day, every, no problem” quotes, then …. *GIGGLES*

4 thoughts on “Scheduling Sleep

  1. Propasal/Suggestions for LIFE schedule for Wonder Woman

    Monday and Wednesday wake time: 6:30 a.m. – make coffee, lunches, yoga or exercise, EAT, long shower, prep Monday dinner, or throw food in crock pot on low. After class, and on return home- NAP FOR ONE AND A HALF. Dinner. 30 minutes tidying.

    Tuesday and Thursday: Sleep in. Blog. Do homework. Eat. Exercise. Grocery store in needed. Lunch. Vitamins. Make dinner easy and have prepped. (Paleo diet: raw big salad, grill or bake a meat for 30 minutes on 350 while you do homework.) Eat dinner by 8:30 and start winding down with no t.v., books in bed, or reading. To sleep by 10:00.

    Friday: sleep as late as possible. Get a massage or pedicure. Or give yourself a facial. Call a friend. 2 hours of errands and cleaning. A long nap. Easy dinner. Get to bed by 11:30.

    Saturday: Family morning. School. Nap. Social.

    Sunday: sleeping, writing and homework and housecleaning. And nap if possible. To bed by 10:30.

    PS- Hire a maid to do the deep cleaning once a week, or every two weeks. A nice Mexican national person who takes cash only.

  2. That is a pretty hefty schedule! I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll find your balance fairly quickly though. Put The Kid to good use. She’s 12. She’s legally able to babysit. That’s old enough to pitch in.

    1. Oh, man. You aren’t kidding. I may take DivaSheila’s idea and get someone in here every other week to help with the heavy stuff. I wonder if they’ll take cookies for payment, 🙂

      She has a set of chores that she is supposed to do.
      In theory*, they are every day and shouldn’t take her more than 20 minutes, tops.
      In practice, I have to chase her into doing them. Then, listen to her whine about them. Then go behind her to make sure that they are done correctly. Then chase her into doing them right**.

      * – bwuahahahahaha!
      ** – I would just do them over, myself but that wouldn’t teach her to do things right, the first time. Making her do it until it is done correctly will. Exhausting but that is pretty much what I signed up for, when I put my John Hancock on the Mom Contract.

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