Bus Woes

Do you want to know what one of the worst parts of going to school for me is?

It’s not the classes full of kids who are young enough to be mine.

It’s not the bewildering maze of buildings.

It’s not the early hours or the homework or the issues with a professor.

The very worst thing is that there is no parking. Which means that I must get on a bus, twice a day, with a slew of funky-ass kids.

All of whom have that pheremonal1 stank.

This is AFTER we let some people off.

Now, please excuse me. I must run off to school.

1 – Like a monkey-house but less pleasant. Also, often with unbelievable amounts of cologne or body spray on top of it. “Eye-watering” is an understatement.

4 thoughts on “Bus Woes

  1. My eyes and nose started burning, just thinking of it. Speaking of overwhelming scents covered with other overwhelming scents, we were at the mall the other day and my daughter wanted a dress from the window display at Hollister. I think they pump that stank through the vents there and I get a sinus headache immediately upon entering the place. I told her to text me when she was ready to check out (she needed my debit card) because there was no way I was staying in there one second longer than necessary.

    1. What is a Hollister’s?
      I am imagining it is a teen/tween clothing store, ack?

      Thankfully, my BFF runs a clothing consignment store. I can get all the clothes for The Girl – and at the rate she is outgrowing things, used is definitely better – AND never have to deal with a mall, ever.


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