Shit My Professor Said [Today]

Color Key 

–>> Bits of Notes I took before class via the textbook, so that today’s lecture would make sense.
–>> professor additions, things she was talking about, or notes I jotted while listening to her.


*Society Changing views on Adolescence

–> Social redefinition [the process through which an individual’s position or status is redefined by society]

–AGE of MAJORITY -> designated age at which an individual is recognized by society as an adult.

**Adolescence as a Social invention: Started around Industrial Age

….says that the Juvenile Justice system was invented to deal with the poor kids who were huckstered off their farms in the early 19th century. ‘cause they were hungry and stealing and breaking into homes to sleep.

Describe the changes in status during adolescence and the inconsistency in where we draw the age boundaries:

INVENTIONIST ->  Theorists who argue that the period of adolescence is mainly a social invention.

Teenagers: popularized about 50 years ago to refer to young; connoted a more frivolous and lightheaded image than did “adolescent”

… she’s talking about her weekend.

How does the process of social redefinition progress?

How do adolescents transition into adulthood?

How might neighborhood conditions affect the behavior and development of adolescents?

 …still talking about her weekend. 


Attainment of adult status causes adolescents to feel more mature and to think more seriously about future work and family roles


Adult status leads to shifts in responsibility, independence, and freedom

…talking about her step son now.

Intimacy, dating and marriage 

Need for new decisions about sexual activity

Achievement:  Becoming a full-time employee; leave school of their own volition

  • Adolescence defined primarily by being distinct from childhood or adulthood, not by cognitive and biological changes
  • Inventionists stress that because we perceive adolescence as distinct, it exists as a distinct period of the lifespan
  • Relative to other cultures and historical periods
  • Problems experienced during adolescence may be due to society’s definition of adolescence, not cognitive or biological changes
  • Contradicts G. Stanley Hall’s views on adolescent development (driven by puberty)

The inventionist view is an entirely different view than that espoused by writers such as G. Stanley Hall, for example, who saw the psychological changes of adolescence as driven by puberty and, as a result, by biological destiny.

He believed in the ‘stress and storm’ (WRITE THIS DOWN) period of adolescence.

            Continuous culture -> very little stress
            Discontinuous culture -> American, very tumultuous adolescence.

Story about her step-son. Story about her student.
Holy shitsnacks, another story about one of her students. And – of course – how much she helped them.

Emerging Adulthood

Jeffrey Arnett’s term for ages 18-25 caught between adolescence and adulthood, characterized by:

  • The exploration of possible identities before making enduring choices
  • Unstable work, romantic relationships, and living situations
  • A focus on oneself and independent functioning
  • Subjective feeling of being caught between adolescence and adulthood
  • Subjective feeling that life holds many possibilities

Now we’re talking about relationships and why they don’t…is she really, really talking about her two marriages as examples?

Yes, yes she is.

…Now she is talking about her politics.  Wait. Did she just announce that she is voting Ron Paul? 

Fuck this. I will just take notes from the book until she gets back on track.

Cohort: group of individuals born during the same general historical era.

Extrusion: practice of separating children from their parents and requiring them to sleep in other households; part of the process of social redefinition of adolescent in many societies.

Process of Social Redefinition

  • real/symbolic separation from parents
  • emphasis on differences between the sexes
  • passing on of information from the older generation

Adolescents as Criminal Defendants

You cannot teach morality. 

Now she’s talking about how pedophiles are inhuman monsters with no real morals. They cannot be …

Did she really say that all people who are abused ..oh, no. She didn’t
Not all of them. Just 97% of all people who are abused sexually as children become pedophiles. Because they’re imprinted to become so.




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    Please report this woman for spouting INCORRECT FACTS to the teaching board of your college. Because that’s motherfucking SHAMEFUL.

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