Bucket Castles

One plastic scoop and a whole lotta building material.

I spent a lot of today sedated, in bed. Gave me some time to think. Know what you think about when you are recovering from conscious sedation? Your life. 🙂

It doesn’t make this a very profound post, I am afraid. But it is what was on my mind.

These are the things I want to do, to accomplish. Not just to cross them off some damn list but to do them. Note that these things are for me; they have no bearing on my being a mother, wife or student. Whether or not I actually ever accomplish them?  Doesn’t matter.
Never hurts to work toward something, does it though?

  • Travel – possibly live – outside the continental US
  • Live as a functional adult1 in a state other than Texas
  • Go to live music shows of the bands that I enjoy
  • Take Zumba/Zoomba/ZoomZoom(?) classes with a pod of friends
  • Publish a fiction novella. Maybe more
  • Meet President Obama, live and in person
  • Spin under a night sky in the center of Stonehenge
  • Party like a Jimmy Buffet for a week; starting in Nawlins and winding up in Cuba
  • Build the perfect garden and pool setup, with the ultimate deck to go with it
  • Grow my own veggies, enough that I don’t ever have to buy anything unless it’s something unique
  • Build the intentional community – everyone has their own house but its all within reasonable walking distance. Tribal raising of the kids, grands. Community defense, garden plots, and pool.

That’s all that I can think of right this moment. It’s late and my brain is exceedingly tired.

But I want to know…what is YOUR list? The ones that are important to you?

1 – I am not counting the years I lived with Greg$. I was not functional.

4 thoughts on “Bucket Castles

  1. I had an odd moment reading your blog, when I clicked on “not functional” I remembered, it is not part of my daily thinking any more. It seems a life time has passed since I was a battered wife. So used to being in a good and happy relationship, the past hardly occurs to me. (does that make any sense)

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