That’s All There Is

Title taken from Depeche Mode’s “World in My Eyes”


One of the blogs that I read is by a woman whose picture should be in the dictionary next to the word industrious. In this particular post, she’d stated something about the creative impulse and addictive behaviors.

I told her I could stop anytime I wanted.

Being polite, she only LOL’d a little.


But the real truth is that writing, esp. fiction writing, is like the very best drug ever. And I am a total junkie. I love, love, love the written word. The written world.









I like stringing together words in ways that nobody has thought of yet. I like knowing that I say something like, “… hints of honey and cream light…” and you see the dawn’s slow fingers caressing the window sheers.

It isn’t just my words that I am addicted to. Reading is the other side of the coin. I had the thought that maybe other folk’s words are like methadone – words that soothe in the absence of the true spike of writing your own stuff.

Voila! Mostly text/school books.


Gaming & source books.



Am on a carbless, Steven King kick, I see.

















Hm. Maybe.
If that is so, then it’s the best methadone on the planet. So many words. So many worlds. In the right combination, words can bring understanding, peace, anger, love, grim acceptance, escape. They are the most amazing magic we are capable of working.


5 thoughts on “That’s All There Is

  1. Yes. So much magic there, Bon. As for Stephen King? I’m reading The Wastelands again, right now, after 11/22/63, and I’m trying to decide if I want to go on to whatever is next in the Dark Tower series despite my strong craving for a dose of The Stand. Methadone, you say? 🙂

    1. Mmm, words.
      *thumps up a vein*

      Pour those description, allegories, metaphors into my heart. Make me see what you see, make me feel the pain anguish joy triumph screaming wordless from the desert.

      Let. Me. See.


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