And, ow. Seriously. Everything – and I mean everything, even my brain – hurts this evening. I had a fantastically great weekend and now I am paying the sore muscled price.



Friday, I spent cooped up in front of my computer writing on my Poe paper and presentation. In thinking about it, I am actually going turn in 3 separate written pieces. A research paper. A PowerPoint presentation1. And a handout for the classmates. I’m about ¼ way done with the paper, ½ done on the presentation. It’s all due this week but I foresee no problem2 with that.

Saturday was errands with the Girl and then we headed over to a friend’s house for fun and games. She had bought herself the Wii version of Zumba 2 and Just Dance. We fooled around with it for a few hours and then headed to our favorite Vietnamese place for their “hot and sour” soup, which is really just the best thing on the planet but isn’t actually, yanno, hot and sour soup.

I head home, feed Mister Man some dinner and then am talked into going out to dance with a group of friends. Oh, sure! Mama can do that all day, every day. No problem. I slap on makeup and assemble my outfit:

Like a BOSS.

And head out into the night. I dance. And dance. And then, for a change? I danced some more. By the time I got home, I was bone tired and more than ready for a shower and bed.

You all see where this is going, right? 
Did you read that? Go ahead and click that link. It’s all right. I’ll wait.
Back?  🙂 Good.

Did you see the part where it says that  the worst bit is about 48 hours later?  Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.

Hello. My name is Alkek Library stairs. You over-did the workout. Prepare to whimper. TL;DR -> Ha. Tomorrow I make you my bitch.

1 – Now with Hee-Haw!   (Yes, you read that right. Hee-Haw.)
 – Knocks on wood like a madwoman.

4 thoughts on “O HAI TRICEPS WHERE U BEEN?

  1. Loved Alkek Library. Did not love Alkek Library stairs. My legs feel your pain. I remember one semi-batty Art History prof saying we needed to “go up” to knowledge. It might explain why the entire university is built on a freaking hill.

    1. Aren’t all Art History professors required by law to be semi-batty if they want tenure?

      I agree. I ❤ the Library. I don't ❤ so much the stupid 40+ exterior steps; especially when I am lugging the 20 pound book bag up 'em.

    1. I love to dance. Lots and lots and lots. And I honestly don’t mind the soreness. (Good gravy, even my intercostals hurt!)
      I do mind that I was stupid enough to blow off the seemingly innocuous dance party/workout and then go hardcore dancing the same night. It never even entered my mind that there would be later hell to pay.

      PSA for TODAY: The Zumba / Just Dance workouts? Work. 😀

      I like staring down baby critters. In my experience, they eventually come over and lick/beg for pettin’s/fall asleep standing up.

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