General Update

And, presented!

It seemed to go over well. No active booing, at any rate. 1 Why should I worry? It’s only 10% of my grade.

Now on to the research paper.  It’s going to be a huge project. However, I am well on my way with it and I have a Spring Break in which to finish it. So, that’s all right, then. I might also have a chance to work on some of my own fiction2.

Wouldn’t that be nice?


*semi-mournful sigh*

First person to show up with a cookie or three, a bottle of Pinot and another of massage oil wins not only the internets but a cameo in one of my stories.


Sparkling wine and shortbread? Yes, please.















1 – If any of you are curious about it, let me know and I’ll post it. I think I can post a PowerPoint here, right?
2 – I have a serious itch to write about my favorite current obsession – Dragon Age 2. Or, at the very least, write within its world. I have been posting that sort of thing into my El Jay. I kind of want other people to see it, though.



4 thoughts on “General Update

    1. It is a bit of a commute, yep. 🙂
      OTOH, I have off all this week. I will more than likely be making a foray into out of the wilds and into town. I need to gather up a whole group of people I haven’t seen in forever so I can rub my face on them, all kitty-like.

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