FICTION: Staccato and Fugue

I don’t know about you guys – but I sometimes say things like, “You are making me crazy!” or “I’m losing my grip!” Really, though – what is the process of losing your grip? Stephen King (in one of his stories, can’t recall which one) said that being crazy was often messy. It slopped over into your everyday life, touching everything. Which is, I believe, mostly correct. However, I also think that sometimes those signals can be subtle and easily missed.

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5 thoughts on “FICTION: Staccato and Fugue

  1. the thing about real crazy, destructive crazy, crazy-crazy is that your insane chain of reasoning always seems perfectly sensible and logical to you, even if it’s utterly bugfucked to everyone else.

    1. *nods* Exactly.
      And if you are breaking – if that tether that is holding you to the world just snaps and you are isolated/alone/have partners that don’t notice the signs/living in the streets/what have you…what happens then?

      1. what is facsinating, in a truly sick and horrible way, is to meet Destructive Crazy in the form of a personality so strong and compelling that they manage to be surrounded by people who allow, believe in, or even encourage The Craziness to go on. I’ve seen this historically in the figures of various mad rulers, wealthy insane [Howard Hughes], etc. They create an alternate reality, however sick and unoleasant, and for whatever reasons, other people live there with them and believe in it, too. I can see why in the case of wealthy or powerful crazy people, I have a harder time when it comes to meeting regular people who have decided to live in an unpredictable hell at the whims of a crazy person.

        And I know I have a tinge of The Crazy myself, so I try to keep people in my life who will give me reality checks. There but for the grace od god/dess….

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