Heh. Denied.









There’s this sticky note, pasted to the bottom of my monitor. It says:

Things to Make Happen, Everyday

*good food




Good advice, no?  I am not always able to follow it, though.

Sometimes, laughing is hard. Sometimes my insomnia insists that I will have only the resources for stumbling through my day, yoga be damned.1
But still. I try.

Even when I am operating on just under four hours of sleep. Last night a giant storm moved through the Austin area. It was breathtaking. Beautiful. Freaking loud. I couldn’t sleep at all during it.

Reality seems a bit distant today. Just slightly out of reach.



Wish me caffeine, you guys. I am going to need it.

Um, Excuse me? I believe I ordered the *large* coffee?







1 – And before my yoga friends chime in with their somewhat inevitable “Yoga cures all ills, including insomnia,” I will simply nod and smile a bit exhaustedly. Because nothing cures all ills.

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