Defect Report

This is your TMI warning.

  • Name of Reporter:  Bon Steele
  • Version or Build:  Unknown, no backend documentation provided with build
  • Module or component:  Female, uterine and associated bits
  • Platform / Operating System:  Human
  • Type of error: Design Flaw
  • Priority:  Major
  • Severity: High
  • Status:  Entered (again)
  • Summary: Intermittent Hardware Issues Across Multiple Platforms
  • Description: Varied behaviors across different platforms. [Please see Defect Behavior.]

Design Flaw Report

Intermittent Hardware Failure(s) Across Multiple Platforms

Steps to reproduce vary according to platform. Some users are reporting a 28-day cycle with regular and reproducible errors. Other users are stating that the defect happens sporadically, with no fixed pattern. We also have reports where the defect happens in a continual manner.

In these instances, the user often requires a patch to maintain normal functioning.


  • Fluid leakage
    • Occasional detritus, in some cases
  • Discomfort within the main system
    • In many cases, pain at a 6 or better has been reported.
      [Please see accompanying diagram.]
  • Accompanying failures of systems
    • Intestinal is the most reported
  • Discomfort and/or malfunction of critical systems
    • Headache
    • Muscle fatigue and/or pain, often at a 4 or better.
      [Please see accompanying diagram.]
  • Endocrine and/or hormonal fluctuations
    • These can create a multitude of issues including (but not limited to):
      • Irrational behavior
      • Unstable fuel consumption
      • Chassis covering eruptions
      • Interrupted down time or broken sleep functionality

We recommend pulling this functionality from production until these issues have been resolved.


What have I been up to?


Writing for school. Writing for the blog. Co-writing a character piece with a friend. Writing some more for school. Writing up the recipes that I want to include in the $winterholiday gifts I want to make. Writing up a schedule. Writing for school. Writing on the story -stories- that I’ve shamefully had on backburner for so long. Writing for school. Writing for school. Writing and writing and writing for school.

Everything else on fullstop so that I can Write For School.

My brain is a touch fried. I’ll be ever so grateful when the semester ends and I have a chance to reconnect to my thoughts.

I’m actually not complaining.
Well, OK. I’m complaining a little. But not as much as I could.

One more month, give or take. That’s it.

Buttons, open tabs (both browsers), and programs currently running.
What does YOUR workspace look like, today?

 Chrome Tabs

1 – “Grimm” is a fun show. I’m finally catching up on it.

2 – Google + paper calendar = knowing where I am supposed to be.

3 – yahoomail

4 – I’d like to learn a partner dance like the Lindy Hop or the Tango.

5 – is your friend. Mine too.

6 – Everyone needs to know about Vecna.

7 – What?

8 – The Process. 🙂

IE Tabs

1 – They’re all for my school. School is the ONLY reason that I am using IE.

Taskbar Buttons

1 – Chrome, IE, Liquid Story Binder, MS Word and Paint were all open at the time that screenshot was snapped.

Schedule Foo

Coming in for the homestretch for this semester.

I have just a couple of papers left in one class. Both of them are essentially reworkings of the same paper. Plus a final – which is a reworking of the midterm.
And one final exam in Adolescent Psychology. After that, it is a week or two off before Summer I starts.

Or at least, I hope I will be able to attend Summer I/II. Due to a mix-up at my old college, my transcript wasn’t sent correctly. I had a hold on my account that I didn’t even know about. I got it worked out but Summer registration is currently closed. Therefore, I am running behind in the registration biz.

At least I got Fall semester set. I just spent the better part of three hours working out that schedule. It has my needed classes, that doesn’t overlap, that is all on one campus. I spent much of my time this past semester making a 120-mile roundtrip to another campus for *one* class. No more of that, please.

I’m registered for sixteen hours. Spanish, Technical Writing, Writing for the Computer Industry, Forensic Psychology, and Mythology.
Should be a fun semester.