Summer is Coming

 The Starks obviously don’t live in Texas. 


Sweat is creeping down the small of my back, curling down my thighs. I would go shower but I’ve already done that today and we are still in the midst of a nasty drought. I can feel my hair curling up my neck as the humidity presses closer.
The weather is like a particularly obnoxious ex-lover; the kind who just won’t take a hint. It presses against you and breathes hot, damp need in your face. On the plus side, at least it brings you flowers.


If only he meant it, this time.









On the negative side, after delivering yet another series of bright promises, springtime always fades quickly. Summer soon arrives, wearing its stained strappy T-shirt and holding a six-pack with 2 beers missing. It’ll lean in close and eye your AC unit with an experienced eye. Then it’ll laugh with a sardonic twist to its lips.  And the heat and misery you thought you were suffering a few weeks ago will now seem a delicious haven.


Little parched, here.





6 thoughts on “Summer is Coming

  1. What if the Starks *did* live in Texas? I picture them holed up in Big Bend, assault rifles at the ready to repel them damn California Lannisters. “Summer’s fixin’ ta come.”

  2. Suddenly, I want to go to the pool. Ugh, I actually felt the steamy nastiness of being outside in TX. Excellent imagery and simile. I think we can all relate to the needy ex comparison; although, I’ve never had one bring me flowers. Girls get all the luck. 🙂

  3. BTW – I like how you changed the traditional symbolism of “summer” which you used in your post title. It went from being freedom for children, grilling parties in the back yard, and good times with friends to suffering a torturous expanse of time with no relief from oppressive weather.

    1. It can certainly be all that, and more. I do love living here – most of my tribe is here – but the summers are getting out of hand.
      I’ve been in the Austin(ish) area for the last what…15 years? In just that relatively short space of time, the weather patterns have drastically changed. Weather is getting more extreme, highs way high, lows tracking in giant EffYou storms and winds.

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