Sharing the Hoard

I smell you, I feel your air - and I hear your breath. Come along! Help yourself; there's plenty, AND to spare.

Recently, a fabulous blogger-friend of mine promoted a contest. Only, the contest wasn’t so much about winning1as it is about sharing the love. The whole idea is a Travelling Prize Made of Win and Squee for Other Bloggers. And the prize is a book.

I freaking LOVE this idea.
Part of the “rules” of this are that you must run a similar contest – basically, you have to promise to not be a Smaug, and to share the book once you’ve brain-vacc’d the words into your head.

Here, in Jane’s own words, are the rules:

 1) The book must get passed on to a fellow blogger of the recipient’s choosing once it’s been read. If your potential recipient will not swear upon blogging death to send it on, pick another blogger.
2) The next recipient must post the state/country/province in which they live – whatever is most comfortable for the blogger – and a link to their blog on a page I will create specifically for this purpose.2
That last one isn’t about page views. I want to “meet” the bloggers the people we each think are deserving pick. I want to track the travels of the traveling book so that Melanie and I can both see the impact she and I have had on a world of writers and artists – both women and men.

So,of course I entered.
And I won! I never win anything and I WON!  On top of all that – did I mention? The prize is a book! New word-trails that I haven’t seen yet.

Y’all know how I feel about books, right?

These are ~some~ of my books. By all rights, I should be lying across the top of the bookcase, looking smug.

The whole giddy-with-happiness, breaking into Disney-song when I get a new book thing?

My book arrived in the mail, yesterday.
There might have been singing.


I win, I win, I win! The mad Madam Mim!

In accordance with the prophecy – and the above noted rules – I will be reading this and passing it along to another winner.
This is where YOU come in, m’friends. I need for at least three of you to enter for this one book. If more of you – say, about five – decide that this is a fantasTIC idea and enter, why….I’ll buy another copy of the book and have more than one winner.

I think that seems fair.

My only request is that:

A. You be a blogger of some kind so that …

B. You’re willing to continue the contest and send the book along to more bloggers.

C. You are comfortable – if you win – in privately sharing your physical address with me so I can ship your book to you.


The contest is started ~now~ and y’all can enter until…let’s say the 14th of April. That’s a little over a week.

(Please let me get at least 3 entries!)


I am so looking forward to seeing where this all goes.



1– Although, winning is SWEET.
2 – Not yet up but I am promised that it will be SOON.

UPDATE :  Jane says that the Page O’Place Links will be ready soon(ish) – but for now, to just update her contest comment page with your place.

4 thoughts on “Sharing the Hoard

  1. I know my comment doesn’t count as an entry but I just wanted to say I’m so glad you participated and are as excited as I am to see this travel the world!


  2. That picture, of your bookshelf, it is beautiful. What amuses me is that, even though the titles are too small to read, I can recognize many of the books by their spines.

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