What have I been up to?


Writing for school. Writing for the blog. Co-writing a character piece with a friend. Writing some more for school. Writing up the recipes that I want to include in the $winterholiday gifts I want to make. Writing up a schedule. Writing for school. Writing on the story -stories- that I’ve shamefully had on backburner for so long. Writing for school. Writing for school. Writing and writing and writing for school.

Everything else on fullstop so that I can Write For School.

My brain is a touch fried. I’ll be ever so grateful when the semester ends and I have a chance to reconnect to my thoughts.

I’m actually not complaining.
Well, OK. I’m complaining a little. But not as much as I could.

One more month, give or take. That’s it.

Buttons, open tabs (both browsers), and programs currently running.
What does YOUR workspace look like, today?

 Chrome Tabs

1 – “Grimm” is a fun show. I’m finally catching up on it.

2 – Google + paper calendar = knowing where I am supposed to be.

3 – yahoomail

4 – I’d like to learn a partner dance like the Lindy Hop or the Tango.

5 – Thesaurus.com is your friend. Mine too.

6 – Everyone needs to know about Vecna.

7 – What?

8 – The Process. 🙂

IE Tabs

1 – They’re all for my school. School is the ONLY reason that I am using IE.

Taskbar Buttons

1 – Chrome, IE, Liquid Story Binder, MS Word and Paint were all open at the time that screenshot was snapped.

6 thoughts on “What have I been up to?

  1. I can so relate to just about everything you’re saying. Although, for me, the $winterholiday thing is a bit too far off. But I’m a guy. We do things at the last minute, and we’re happy with it.

    I propose that you share with us that which you are writing for school, once it hath been graded.

  2. Not sure about Chrome, but Firefox has an “IE Tab” extension, or something like that. Lets you have individual tabs within Firefox that use IE as its “rendering engine”, which just means it will let IE handle making the page itself work but still embedded in Firefox’s interface.

    Chrome has some interesting features, as does Opera, but I keep coming back to Firefox because it has NoScript available for it. Which I highly recommend everyone use heavily, especially lately since I have been studying The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook and learning about all the different ways that evildoers can use JavaScript to completely and utterly pwn you.

  3. The Lindy Hop? Have you been reading 11/22/63? I so wish my gangly nerd and I could dance that way. I might have to get him drunk and ‘accidently’ steer him into a class…

    1. I have not yet had a chance to read it. Is it …wait, what am I saying. King wrote it. Of *course* it’s good!

      I have some friends who introduced me to partner dancing a few years ago. Or rather, they tried to introduce me to partner dancing. I am an excellent dancer (/hoffman) but my skills tend to run to the single person dance. I’m completely intrigued with it. 😀

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