Defect Report

This is your TMI warning.

  • Name of Reporter:  Bon Steele
  • Version or Build:  Unknown, no backend documentation provided with build
  • Module or component:  Female, uterine and associated bits
  • Platform / Operating System:  Human
  • Type of error: Design Flaw
  • Priority:  Major
  • Severity: High
  • Status:  Entered (again)
  • Summary: Intermittent Hardware Issues Across Multiple Platforms
  • Description: Varied behaviors across different platforms. [Please see Defect Behavior.]

Design Flaw Report

Intermittent Hardware Failure(s) Across Multiple Platforms

Steps to reproduce vary according to platform. Some users are reporting a 28-day cycle with regular and reproducible errors. Other users are stating that the defect happens sporadically, with no fixed pattern. We also have reports where the defect happens in a continual manner.

In these instances, the user often requires a patch to maintain normal functioning.


  • Fluid leakage
    • Occasional detritus, in some cases
  • Discomfort within the main system
    • In many cases, pain at a 6 or better has been reported.
      [Please see accompanying diagram.]
  • Accompanying failures of systems
    • Intestinal is the most reported
  • Discomfort and/or malfunction of critical systems
    • Headache
    • Muscle fatigue and/or pain, often at a 4 or better.
      [Please see accompanying diagram.]
  • Endocrine and/or hormonal fluctuations
    • These can create a multitude of issues including (but not limited to):
      • Irrational behavior
      • Unstable fuel consumption
      • Chassis covering eruptions
      • Interrupted down time or broken sleep functionality

We recommend pulling this functionality from production until these issues have been resolved.


17 thoughts on “Defect Report

  1. Your defect report has been submitted to BugZilla and has been assigned to an engineer for analysis. Your defect report number is 3.0348259348 E19

    please attend the bug scrub meetings regularly.

      1. self-respecting engineering teams shun Exchange. the invite shall be sent via sendmail and vi. and a post-it note. it is also Hawaiian Shirt Day. TPS reports have a new cover sheet — did you get the memo? I’ll send you copy of the memo.

  2. Your bug has been returned as “NEEDSMOREINFO”. We are unable to reproduce the problem. Please include the frequency of the issue. Also consider flushing your cache, deleting your preferences, rebuilding your desktop, and zapping your PRAM. And maybe some chamomile tea.

      1. There’s something outside of QA? Ohmygawrd I’ve been doing this for way the hell too long.

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