On Writing, Running, and Zombies

Helpful Hint: If your TV tries to have a conversation with you? Turn. It. Off.



I’m baaaaack.


Well, at least for a bit. Spring classes are over and summer classes have yet to begin. In celebration, I will be cleaning my house, doing my laundry, and spending some time playing catch-up on my reading blogs [hi guys! Sorry I’ve been incommunicado. It’s been crazy.] Also, I will be playing copious amounts of Mass Effect 3.

Like you do.

I won’t be writing anything about that – there are gaming writers who are far more adept at that sort of thing.

However, I am going to be doing some writing on this blog.

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiction writing.

Ooh, yeah baby! Yeah!


Also, in line with my New and Improved Dedication1, I will be posting up my {shudders} exercise blurbs and thoughts herein2.
I may make a new page so that folks who’re interested can read it there.  That way I don’t bork up the flow. Haven’t decided yet.
I am also contemplating pulling the fiction apart from the bloggy bits and giving them their own page, too.

What are y’all’s thoughts?  Separate everything into its own little Tupperware bowl so that nothing touches? Or let it all hang out together?



At any rate, hi!  *waves*  I’ve missed you guys.



1 – Say that in the “Sunday Sunday Sunday!” announcer voice. It totally makes it a momentous announcement.

2 – You didn’t seriously think I’d be just running/exercising without some sort of fun involved, did you? Zombies = Fabulous Cardio Motivation. It says so in the Rules.


3 thoughts on “On Writing, Running, and Zombies

  1. I say just leave it all together. I’m going to read every bit of it anywho, so why not have everything in one big feast like you have on thanksgiving day. Bon blogs are yummy.

    1. Heh. Thank you.

      I do have a somewhat Monk-ish obsession with separating out the types of entries. But, I also recognize that this might come from a place that makes sense to me alone.

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