Ring of Fire

La música es buena.

This popped up on my Pandora this morning. HOMMINA HOMMINA HOMMINA.

I love that my radio station2 is a hodgepodge of sounds, beats, and rhythm. And that occasionally, it will pop up a song or artist I’ve never heard of. GLEE. I’ve found more random fun that way. It’s like Dirk Gently’s Zen navigation method. It doesn’t necessarily get you there quickly –but you find what you need on the way.

This was followed by The Crüxshadows’1Quicksilver.”

LURVE, people. LURVE.

Music like this makes me miss bellydancing EVEN MOAR. I kinda-sorta get some of that dance need taken care of when I go out to the club, every few weeks. But, honestly? I miss going to the studio with a group of women and dancing.

Or dancing to the sounds of dozens and dozens of drummers around a giant, fuck-you fire.

Guarantee that off to the side there are a bunch of drummers with their heads down, putting out the beat.

Some of my best memories are from around a bonfire.
Perhaps that’s why I identify so strongly with some of the burner folk?








1 – Have you seen/heard of them?  They’re pretty, pretty people.

2 – Of which there are ten or so.  😀 See?


Dancing monsters make EVERYthing better. So says we all.

3 thoughts on “Ring of Fire

  1. I keep wanting to try Burning Flipside, but I don’t plan for it so I’m not ready to buy tickets when they go on sale in January. Plus it’s often really miserable at the end of May (but maybe not this year). Though I’m sure it’s better than the Black Rock playa!

    1. We aren’t going this year – the finances simply did not work out.
      I do recommend going, at least once.
      Because, the people! The art! The food!* The music! The raging fires at the end! <– also art. 🙂

      The weather can be extremely variable. I've seen both furnace blast and chillySEATTLE! sorts of weather.
      That's Texas for ya.

      * – I tend to camp with foodies, so NOM NOM NOM happens. A lot.

  2. Excuse me. I hate to disturb the Bon on Mother’s Day, but I’ve a hankering for what you call, “Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiction writing.” So, um, can the writer get to work and feed the addiction please? yes. I’m nagging. I do that a lot according to my children. But only because I enjoy torturi…erm… love them. So yeah. Not sure where I was going with this. But um, “Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiction writing.” please.

    Also, I have never belly danced, but if I did, I don’t think I would be as good as Lance was at the last game.

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