Pilates and Peeing and Food

Yeah, I know. But that IS what this post is about.

Last night was Pilates night. As always at the end of it, I was pleasantly body-happy; aware of each of my core muscles. How they stacked on each other, moved with one another. I could feel my posture, if you can dig it.

Today will be – time, adhesions, and Advil willing – kettlebell1 day. I will stand in my garage (safer there, in case of grip mishaps) and swing my 20# piece of iron until the sweat runs into a puddle.
I am totally OK with puddle-y sweat.2

Tomorrow will be Pilates again, and quite possibly a walk/run.3

So, why am I telling you all of this?

Because I have a bit of a quandary. And it has to do with my Darling Teen.   She’s going to be 13 years old in a just a couple of months.
Thirteen! Years! Old!

*goes all verklempt*
*waves hands at face in futile fan-the-tears-away effort*

The EPITOME of verklempt.



Sorry. Back now.
Where I am actually going with this has to do with her health. See, I was not a healthy adolescent.  Even when I was a jock, I had an unhealthy attitude towards food. I also had an extremely unhealthy attitude about my weight.
But – and I want to stress this – that’s not where I am going with this, either. She has a decent attitude about her weight and body composition. Her basic problem is that she dislikes exercise. It interrupts her reading/texting/computer time, y’see.
Right now, she is damn sedentary. We are working as a family to alter that, however.4

One of the things we’re discussing is having her take some self-defense classes, starting this summer. It could only benefit her to know some basic self-defense.  Further, the discipline and exercise are fantastic. We’d also like to get her involved in some sort of team sport. She is in process of deciding which one sounds more appealing.

One of the things that I am struggling with is trying to decide how and when to approach pelvic floor exercises. Because really? That doesn’t need to be a surprise for her when she gets older.  I don’t think it’s just mothers and older women who have issues, though. I know that I had some issues with incontinence5 and exercise when I was her age. I had more issues after I had children and got older. It has taken some determination and work on my part to fix those issues. As a mom, I’d like for The Girl to never have to experience that sort of problem.

Nothing on the internet6 gives me any sort of time-frame other than “once you’ve experienced total failure, you can start doing these to help” sorts of links. Which, as preventative care, sucks bigga-time.

Bette Davis has nothing but disdain for this horrific lack of available and useful information.

Next on the list is our food. This is a huge, sticky, emotionally freighted subject for a great many people. There are a lot of folks who’ve mixed politics in with their veggies. There are at least as many people who could give Rat B’s Ass about the sourcing of their food. And you know what? That’s fine. I am not here to talk about those things.


What we are doing is incorporating a diet composed mostly of whole foods. Things like fruits, veg, meat proteins, etc. We will try to avoid processed foods, high in sugar foods, HFCS foods, and needless white carbohydrates.

I’m not saying cake, soda, pizza, cookies, KitKats and all those other sorts of things are Banned Forever From On High, Amen. I am saying that they are not and should not be a daily consumption item.

ETA:  Wow. And in a moment of the internet being timely, THIS article just popped up on my reader. Go and read it. I was heh, floored.

1 – Hers is the book/plan that I am following.
2 – In this instance. 😀
3 – Workout partner’s knee depending.
4 – Modeling! Not just for clothing anymore!
5 – One incident, in particular stands out. There was some bullying and terror and not being able to use the restroom at the middle school and praying that I made it home in time. And failing.
6 – No, Interwebz! You’ve failed me!

13 thoughts on “Pilates and Peeing and Food

    1. Sun Dragon is definitely one of the folks we have in mind for the classes. A lot is going to depend upon schedules. I’ll be doing sixteen hours this fall at Texas State. So, what works for summer may not work for fall.

      Time number crunching, hooooo!*

      * – wonder if the Doctor ever feels this way? ;D

  1. have you considered belly dance or other danceity like classes? they build up core, (and helps work the pelvic floor muscles too) but also – fun! and she can “practice” in her room to music – and she won’t know she’s exercising (teeheehee)

  2. I am so with you on the approach to food. I strongly oppose any diet (that is not based in allergy or intolerance) that says, “YOU MAY NOT EVER EVER EVER EAT THIS EVIL FOOD.” No food is evil; some foods are just not for every day, and I’m glad you’re using this approach with her on food.

    On exercise, I think the self-defense is a great idea. I also remember something my mom did with me when I was in middle school and junior high. Three or four times a week, she’d ask if I wanted to take a walk around sunset, weather permitting. We lived in Central Texas then, so that really was about 40-45 weeks out of the year. We’d start with a walk around the block, then off down into the new development they were building to watch all the houses go up (we used to go into them while they were standing open, and decide what all the rooms were and where to put the furniture). We’d walk for half an hour or an hour, or longer if there were really interesting houses (“What is this? Why would you put a bathroom under the stairs? No, I think it’s a laundry room. They’re going to pee in the laundry room?”).

    But mostly, we talked. We made a habit of a moderate physical activity, and we talked. I remember she used one of those walks to talk to me about how my great-grandmother had to go into a nursing home, and maybe she didn’t have many years left, and sometimes people we love die and that’s just how the world goes. I have a vague memory that it started right after some bullying incidents at school, when I was really struggling, and I think it was her response — not to fitness, but to the distance that grows between mother and daughter as the teen years progress. It left me with a sincere enjoyment of long random walks, a love of peeking into houses under construction, and the knowledge that the lines of communication to my mother were absolutely and unquestionably open to me.

    1. I’m also extremely lucky to be Mom to a kid who genuinely likes her veggies. There are some that she flat won’t eat (spinach, brussels <- what is WRONG with her?!?!?) but for the most part, Veg = Teh Noms in her book.

      RE: walking; that is a lovely story and an equally lovely idea. 🙂

    2. I second Rowan’s statements here. My mom and I used to go walking together regularly when I was a teen, and it was an awesome thing. It let us get out of the house, get fresh air, and just be mother and son. I remember laughing so hard sometimes that we had to stop walking because we were doubled over. It was great, and I think its a part of the reason my mom and I have always been close. It might be a good idea to take advantage of the time you have with her. Only a few more years, and she’ll be off to life/college/conquering-the-world-of-the-babycakes.

  3. Oh, and also, just talk to S about the pelvic floor stuff. Like J, she’s probably a bit more in-the-know than you or I like to admit, and if you talk to her like she’s a mature young woman, then she’ll probably respond well, even if a few giggles are involved.

    Side note – I think S is taller than I am now. WTF? Tell her I said she’s grounded from any more growing activities until I need a walker full time.

  4. What Treasure (love that name) said. Dancing will keep you both fit along with the Pilates and eating right you’ll all be right as rain.

    Just know you guys aren’t alone, couldn’t fit into my kilt last week. Been hitting the gym 3 times a day… 8)

  5. Knee is willing. It is at least a little better than last time. Although I’d not be crushed if we found something that did tons of abs instead or in addition to the other stuff

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