M-O-O-N, that spells HEY GURRRL!

*preens self* Aren’t I lovely?




To give you an idea of the sheer size of the flower.


After last summer’s damn-near backbreaking heat, I am so glad to see us usher this one in with rain, wind, and lightning. It does my heart good to walk out into my backyard and see my flowers prospering,


Nobody ROSE…the troubles I’ve seen. Nobody ROSE…my sorrow.



Impatiens and lillies and autumn sage, oh my!


my herbs having a ball,

Sage and Globe Basil, say hi to the nice people.



my lettuce lettucing,


Lettuce gather under the sunflowers. For LO, it is cool and shady.



and my tomatoes being all green and lush with little baby flowers waiting to be delicious.

Caged for their own good.




You know, as opposed to last year when everything was dead for miles around.


I know my gardens aren’t perfectly manicured, weeded, or prize-winning. But, they’re mine. And they give me a happy.




Rosebush and mint. Whoa. Gotta trim the mint back again.
Flowerbed the second.
I call him “Shaq”

12 thoughts on “M-O-O-N, that spells HEY GURRRL!

  1. Looking great! The rains this year really have been good for making things green again, and I’m looking forward to a pretty summer instead of one that is just hot hot hot.

    1. Oh, I know. Even though it is supposed to get up to 100F today, I am so grateful for the cloud cover and wind that is keeping things cooler. Maybe we’ll even get the lake levels close to normal! 😀

    1. Thank you!
      I will be in town all weekend – I have an out of town guest coming on Saturday. If you are available, you are most welcome to come out for greets.
      Otherwise, I will hopefully catch up next week.

  2. Love the sunflower. Hate the sun. But that’s how I roll. 😛

    Now, can we have the summer off like our children do so that we can enjoy it? You put in the memo, and I’ll try to expedite it.

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