Happy Father’s Day


source: http://tamunews.tamu.edu/tag/moon/


Hey Dad,
I know that we didn’t always get along. Our stubborn, stubborn tempers would clash and voices would be raised. We argued, or didn’t speak, or just passed small talk back and forth for a long time. In spite of all that, I never ever thought or belived for a moment that you didn’t love me. Sometimes, there wasn’t much like going around. But love was always there. We eventually reconciled, for which I am grateful.
I hope that you knew that as a wee tot, I idolized you. I pretty well thought you hung the moon, standing on a step-ladder and laughing that big laugh of yours. Nobody knew as many jokes as you. Nobody was as giving or as willing to help anyone through a rough spot. Nobody could listen as well you.
You had faults – like all of us. Humans, eh? We are what we are. Still. You were a pretty good egg.
I guess I just wanted to say that I still miss you. That I wish you were here, to see The Girl growing up, to see the Twinlings and the Bear. I wish that I could sit and chat with you about things, again.
I wish I could hear you laugh.

I love you,