Ante Meridian Thoughts





3:43 AM is when you sit back in your office chair and listen to your house. You can hear the creaks and pops as it settles. The wind as it rattles against a loose shingle. You can hear the train as it goes by some five miles away.

You’d think it’d be lonely.

It isn’t, though. It’s strangely full of content. The people you love are asleep, just down the hall. The cat is purring and bashing his head into your foot.

It’s almost time to go to bed. Finish the final dregs of my tea. Wrap my fleecy blanket around me and snuggle into my comfortable bed.

I might even sleep.

2 thoughts on “Ante Meridian Thoughts

  1. Did you guys replace your bed? Or has it finally just won out? Or are you attempting to use flattery to reduce it’s grip on back pain? Or did you finally say “To the Hells with it!” and start sleeping directly on top of Mr. Man in order to find comfort? Aliens?

    On a more serious note, I love that part of the day when the house is just peaceful and you just hear snoring, house noises, and peace. The only sad thing is that I can’t roll my dice for fear of waking up … Who am I kidding. My wife and stepson wake for nothing.

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